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[Claim Rollback Request] NaminisBebras


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Some stuff are still missing.Most of them are tech reborn machines.So i would like to also get those items refunded.

8 Recycler

11 Advanced Machine casing

32 Overclockers

40 Fluxed Electrum Plate

20 Signalum Plate

256 Steel Plates 4x64

576 Cyanite Ingots 9x64

36 blutonium

1 Jaded Queen

1 Relic Queen

2 Imperial Queen

3 Gelid Queen

3 Graduate Queen

2 PHD Queen

2 Sinister Queen

Advanced Rocketry:

1 Electrolyser

1 Chemical reactor

2 gas charge pad

4 iron drum

20 Machine Structure

16 Signalum plated fluiduct

8 reinforced servo

1 Crafter ter 3


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