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[Rollback Request] 1nanc


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Same time, same issue Discs are gone after the restart. If you rollback me 16 hours ago. I don't want this, i won't play again. 

All the rest of the items I've kidnapped another chunk. These are the things I did in the last 12 hours, they don't in the Refined Storage's discs  (Coordinates: x:1887, z=-1011, y:54 (MWQS's home)) : https://imgur.com/a/pdqaeej


Baran's last state https://imgur.com/a/AGt5frz


Your Name:  1nanc
Coordiantes: (use format xyz: 1197 -3492 75)
Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine)(14/10/18  | 06.00 PM (GMT+3))
Description of Issue: AGAIN ! My discs are gone after the restart 
Screenshots (Optional): 

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Yes they're gone again ? I guess that's what happens at 6 PM restart. I play all day and change too many thing, if possible to rollback discs else rollback me last save. Can you see my last save time? If it's not too early, Can you rollback me this save and some item refund. I so close of ME system, i'll never use this mod again.. {Extremely annoying}

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Yes, want to rollback the drawers again and my equipments gone in refined storage. i want refund that. I'll set ME controller after i won't use this :)

Manyullyn Axe(Haste,Dia), Manyullyn Shovel(Haste,Dia), Manyulyn Cleaver(Luck, Sharp), Cobalt Hammer(Excavate III, Dia), 1 level Jetpack and i found a Ocean temple i need some prismarine bricks (I add things from my mind)

baran is playing now please don't rollback him. he did too many things ?

If you give me materials i can craft that

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