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Crashing when going anywhere other than overworld

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Mods feel free to clean this up 


Since the restart for DW20 1.12 ive had issues of not being able to enter the nether the end or any place other than the overworld id load and it would kick with a java error ive have various different ones what i did to fix was update java use HackPhoenix ftb launcher and NO Optifine im not sure which of these has caused the issue but im not sure if related i noticed the craftersland launcher not properly allocating ram it defautls at 1gb min and 2gb max need to bump that all the way to a respectable amount i find that 6gb to 8gb anytime i load the launcher  but im pretty sure optifine is the thing causing the issue here is my crash report for anyone that can help https://pastebin.com/NCWNKFLW

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