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Atomic Science Fusion Reactor


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I built a fusion reactor yesterday to power some laser drills.  It fan fine up until I went to bed.  When I logged on today after work, I discovered that it is not working.  You can hear the sound of flames (which I discovered there are ever burning flames inside the plasma chamber) and nothing else is happening.  The fusion reactor will not produce plasma even though it has fuel and a power supply.  The turbines are not catching any steam because there is no plasma.  I am not sure why there are flames in the chamber that will not be extinguished.  I tried placing water in there it disappears, I tried clicking them out they rekindle, I tried placing cobble in their space and the cobble burns away and vanishes (all of this obviously with the reactor core removed just in case).  I am at a loss as to what to do to restore my power supply.  

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