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i notice (in game) that te plasitic bag was banned but not the chunkloader so i tried it and i got a massage saved 1 of 4 max but some time later the chunkloader was gone is it banned or not?

(i know now there is a direwolf20-1710-list-of-restricted-items but stil no massage in game)

i tried to begin whit me stuff but al te meteors are picked clean( i have vissited about 30 meteors ) any idea how to get the pressure plate thingies ?

in my quest to get me stuf i tried mystcraft (for the first time) i created 5 worlds but is this not a problem for lag?

and im thinking of building a quarry thare (enderquarry) is this allowed?


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1.Chunck loaders are a little bugged they sometimes disappear during server restart

2. You can buy the plates at spawn or ask someone they can great copies and give/sell them to you if they want but spawn is best option

3.Don't know if creating mysticraft worlds will affect lag probably but don't know.

4.I believe ender quarrys are aloud but not in overworld you would have to check list of restricted items


Hope this helps!

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