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Fatal error attempting to login

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Please forgive me if this isn't the proper spot to post this but I don't know where else to do so. I tried to post this to the technical problems part but I have gotten no response.


I am AshenFlames and Saturday the 15th I crashed out of the game in my base and now I cannot log back in at all. Whenever I try to log in I seem to load in for a second and then I'm booted out with an error message and am booted out. My game crashed while I was trying to use/setup teleportation plates in my base (town named Pyre) but they weren't working properly. The ui was glitched and after a while they just stopped working. I was fed up so I started removing them from my base.


I think the problem is that when I lagged/crashed out I was standing on top of one so now im just loading in on top of it and being kicked again. honestly not sure though and I can't really do anything to check.


Is there any way this can be fixed or find my town coordnates without being online? I'd try a town rollback request thing but idk my coordinates.

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