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Здравствуйте, у меня произошла маленькая проблема одна... так что я играл на основном аккаунте poweromm но сегодня в середине дня почему-то я вдруг пароль ошибся, аккаунт я купил за копейки, я купил новый аккаунт с ником Fuhrer_Mitch, но мне нужна моя территория с основным аккаунтом, доказательства могут привести, если вы говорите, но вам нужно зайти на эту территорию, я скажу что есть сундуки, потому что помню пожалуйста помогите)


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 Translating with google translate:

(sorry if its not correct english)


Hello, a small problem occurred to me ... I was playing on the account of "poweromm",  but today in the middle of the day for some reason I got the password wrong, I bought this account very cheap. Then I bought a new account with the name "Fuhrer_Mitch", but my town is owned by the main account of "poweromm", I can provide evidence if needed, but you can visit this territory, I can tell the contents of the chests, because I remember. Please help.


So: Hi isn't able to get back on his main account.

He made a new account but his base is still in the town of his "old" account.

He got some information to show us he is the real owner of the town.


Could any staff member with the permission to help him contact him?

Edited by CowGoesBananas
Edited the translation to match written as closely as possible (contact me if direct russian translation is needed)
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