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[Complaint] Retrospectt raided my ME system


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 In-Game Nickname: Retrospectt
Time and Date: Anytime from 6 P.m. to 12 A.m. of the 28th 1/27-28/2019
Description of what happened: a guy named retrospectt wanted a tinkers construct sword  and pick axe so I offered to make him one and made him an electrum pickaxe and electrum rapier a little bit later he asked for a challenge of sorts wanting to kill things and asked to use my mob farm after a long struggle of getting his stuff out of the cursed earth mob farm he went to my main platform and was going through my ME system  after he left the server I bought some fish off someone to tame my dragon and ocelot I go to get them out of my Me system and its all gone, all of my lassos (containing a water dragon, wolf, and a mushroom named "Pickles") were gone! My bags of holding were also gone containing most of my rare ingots (Draconium) and machines/conduits as well as just generic stuff. It must be him since he was the only one who had perms on my island at the time. If it isn't him I dunno where it all went ;-;
Screenshots or Proof: Looking through ME system for extended periods of time, only one with perms on island at time of incident
List of eyewitnesses : Logs attached


UPDATE: I got back everything except a mushroom named pickles http://prntscr.com/mdcgrw RIP pickles  https://prnt.sc/m2dbt4 (I just want pickles back I got everything else back from him, he apologized)

UPDATE 2: Got everything back


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