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[Refund Request] BlackDeath220

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Your Name: BlackDeath220
Item Name + ID + Ammount: 

  • Demon Portal, ID: 837, Amount 1
  • Ritual Stone, ID: 816, Amount 25
  • Crystal Belljar, ID: 841, Amount 6
  • Alchemic Relay, ID: 839, Amount 4


  • My House: x: -3122, z: -2789, y: 72
  • Where the demon portal was: x: 3471, z: 4683, y: 64

Description of Issue: 

I did the blood magic ritual called convocation of the damned, a VERY expensive ritual so I could get myself to tier 6 in blood magic. After I did the ritual and the demon portal spawned in, I decided I would go to bed that day. I mined up some but not all my ritual stones and belljars because the demons kept killing me so I couldn't finish. Then friday I log on and my demon portal, the remaining ritual stones, my belljars and relays are all gone. I suspect someone stole them, but I have no proof. I would really like these back since it took a REALLY long time to make and was VERY expensive.

Screenshots (Optional): 
I don't have any screenshots but you can ask Fireandpocpoc because he was there when I summoned the demon portal so he can confirm I got it legit.


Thanks in advance


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