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[Presentation] ItzLeUnspoken

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So uhh, it's a little late but:

My ign is ItzLeUnspoken and i am currently enrolled into the staff team as Judge. I Staff 3 servers all at once on one computer. and the rest of my info will be in this template:


Name: Daniel


IGN: ItzLeUnspoken


Age: 17 (Currently).


Crafter's Land Servers you play: SF2, SB2, Omni, Continuum, DW20 1.12, and IE.


Location: Mars (I drink my tears).


A short description of yourself: Tech nerd, can't take away my tech or i will die.


Hobbies and interests: Computers, Minecraft (No Derp).


Discord / Skype Name~ Tag: ItzLeUnspoken#8225 - Discord Name on CL ATM: ItzLeUnspoken[Judge][SB2/SF2/OF].


If you guys need help on one of the three servers i staff you can tag me in the respective discord channel and I will be sure to answer.

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