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[DW 1.12] [FREE GIVEAWAY] Player Market - New System Proposal

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Hi everyone, I'm making a player market system.

As you know, forestry has blocks called "Mailboxes" and "Trade Stations". These blocks allow you to setup trades and one can send mail to a trade station and receive the traded items in their mailbox from anywhere in the world. In a "Trade Station", you can setup what you expect to receive and the items they can expect to get in return. These trades will show up in a book item called a "Catalogue". 

Sending mail requires you to put some stamps on a letter according to the number of items attached, and the mailboxes also require you to have a buffer of stamps so it can send some mail back to a trader. 

Find a quick guide online explaining the system if you cannot figure it out yourself.

Now, I plan to give everyone a free set of these items to get everyone using this system:

  • 1 mailbox
  • 1 trade station
  • 1 catalogue
  • 32 letters
  • 32 10n stamps
  • 32 sugarcane (for paper)

If you are interested you can use Discord to pm me (I'm in the Discord server), or post something on this thread indicating you want a set. 

To access received mail you need a mailbox, if you don't have one there will be a free one at a "player marketplace" building near spawn soon (coordinates to be given) (building courtesy of BloodSkals)

ADDITIONALLY, I will be setting up very cheap trades for propolis and honey drops (for the purpose of making letters and stamps)


I'm also looking for a way to convert the /money currency into a physical currency ingame (items) that one can use a unified currency for trades. Obviously the item used cannot be mass produced and have to be tagged some way to prevent abuse and counterfeiting. If anyone has any great ideas I'm open to hearing them

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