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Loss of items due to server lag X2


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Your Name: MR_Decster
Item Name + ID + Amount:

Iron Saber #4768 x1

Ring of regeneration #4205/1 x1

custom iron multitool x1

diamonds #0264 total 72

iron ingots #0265 total 104

dragon horn #4497 x1 with female red dragon inside

cooling goo #5359 x64

heating goo #5360 x64

savage summoning staff #5679 x1

Scarlite ring #4323 x1

the rest I don't really care about losing or I don't remember it which means it wasn't very important to me
Coordinates: X: 3781 Z: -880
Description of Issue: Originally I had a backpack despawn when I put it down due to the server lagging, when I set it down, server lagged then it never showed up, the second issue was that I died and went back to grab my stuff (no more than 3 seconds to get back) and it had already despawned.
Screenshots (Optional): 

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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