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Loss of items due to lag again


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Your Name: MR_Decster
Item Name + ID + Amount:

all items are X1

ring of regeneration #4205/1

scarlite ring #4323

bezoar #4220

obsidian skull #4212

iron paxel #5741

iron hilt #5552

iron rod #5567

diamond chestplate #0311

diamond boots #0313

diamond leggings #0312

diamond helmet #0310

ozzy legging liner #5378

ozzy  chest liner #5377

stone of the sea #5344

the equipment pieces are to replace the custom equipment I had equipped at the time


Coordinates: X: 3781 Z:-880
Description of Issue: hopped into the nether to be greeted by about 30 mobs that killed me before I even loaded in. items Instantly despawned again because of a lag spike.
Screenshots (Optional): 

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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