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Refund Request Thatcrazyflyguy


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Your Name:  Thatcrazyflyguy

Item Name + ID + Amount:  Diamond sword # 0276 with looting x and sharpness V enchants its forged stat was sweeping, iron chestplate #307 forged stat masterful, iron legs #0308 forged stat masterful, iron boots #0309 forged stat masterful, 

Coordinates:  Was an rpt no longer have coords.

Description of Issue:  Was trying to find some mobs that don't spawn in my area. Was killed when I walked by a wisp that decided to throw its light orb as i went by. Insta killed me. I used /back and got some items back but other items within a few seconds despawned.

Screenshots (Optional):

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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