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[Refund Request] AriNero


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Your Name: AriNero
Item Name + ID + Amount: 
1 Iced Dragon Bone Greatsword  #5143  Lifesteal II/Sharpness V/Mortalitas V/Lunar's Blessing III
1 Diamond Strengthened longbow #4818   Power III /Infinity /Lesser Flame
1 Dragon scale helmet #4620
1 Dragon Scale Chestplate #4621
1 Dragon Scale Leggins #4622
1 Dragon Scale boots #4623
1 Dragon's Eye #5350
4 Potion Ring of Regeneration (#4205/1)
2 Stone of the sea #5348
2 Cobalt Shield #4211
1 Flamed Dragon Bone Halberd #5131 Vampirism II(i am not sure with this it maybe lifesteal II not sure)

Coordinates: 3147 ,65 ,-1984
Description of Issue:  I found a dragon's lair underground and attack him. He escape to surface level and flight i go after him. During our fight one of other minions killed me and i do /back right after it but  when i got there all of my items was gone. Non of a single item was there. I work hard to get these items espicially with that iced sword. I dont know why they are gone and this happened me before in a diffrent way so other players told me that i can request refund for these items. I dont know where to write enchantesments so i write up. My armors also has enchants but i really dont remember what was their enchants so i can be okay with clean items. Thank you for all of your time and help (I add second lost items to here instead of crating new topic)
Screenshots (Optional): 

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I was using my back up weapon when i am waiting you and i recraft my baubles items except dragon eye for keep playing and quess what i died again and all of my items has gone again. I am really tired because of getting items again again it is just makes me sad ?

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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