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Inventory gone


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In-Game Name: Kirbonic
Server: RLCraft 

Item name + Item Id full neptunium armor, a gluttony pendant, regeneration ring, resistance ring. Belt with 5 slots, balloon, and a diamond quiver with a stack of firestorm arrows and a stack of upgraded sliver arrows, also the paxel has a level 2 darkling skull and level 3 specter tendril. the chest plate also had ozzy lining. I also had a diamond bow and diamond halberd
Time & Date 2/7/20 around 4:35pm
Description of Issue (how you lost the items): A fire dragon killed me and my inventory despawned seconds after
Evidence: my inventory before the issue: CowGoesBananas had just given it to me hours before

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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