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[Refund Request] AriNero


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Your Name: AriNero
Item Name + ID + Amount: Iced Dragonbone greatsword #5143
Coordinates: 3147 ,65 ,-1984
Description of Issue: i was afk in water looking to something else but i hear something attacking me when i open pc my last heart is gone and i died. I do /back right after but it didnt get me there due to lag when i get there my sword and my armor was gone i dont care about my armors just diamon set but my sword is very important. This happened to me a lot i am starting to think game hate me2020-02-06_22_22_15.thumb.png.051546de38de1c42f422afc7c901f6a9.png
Screenshots (Optional): 

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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