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Disapearing gear TraviSc0tt


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In-game nickname: TraviSc0tt

Time and date: 09.02.2020 22:35

Description what happend:

- Got killed by sea serpent

- Instantly Nighty16 came back with revenge

- Half of my gear was gone within 30 secs be cause of some server insta wipe.

Screenshots or Proof: I’m not sure how was I supposed to screenshot or record that situation be cause I didint expect a situation like this. On singleplayer things dont get wiped every 1 minute and also I havent found any information about that in your server rules section.

List of eyewitnesses:

- Nighty16

- 0kindred0 (kinda)

Looking forward for finding good solutions for that case.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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