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[Refund request] TraviSc0tt


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Your name: TraviSc0tt

Item name + ID + amount:

- Flamed dragonbone halberd 5131 1

- Supreme sharpness IV

- Subject P.E. III

- Ash destroyer II

- Vampirism II

Coordinates: I don’t have them cause I am not used to this kind of requests on forums, I mean I did not know the way to make them and what information is needed until now (situation took place yesterday)

Description of the issue: I got killed by a sea serpent and I immediately asked someone to teleport there back with me. Iv waited like 5 secs for a tpa request from Nightie16 and just as soon as we teleported (It took like literally half of a minute) I managed to get most of my armor and baubles back but my precious Halberd that I actually got from my friend and rest of the stuff were gone due to some items wipe that I was experiencing like every one minute ... All I really care about is this halberd be cause of its very rare enchants.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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