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[Refund Request] SKILLer_Forever


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 Name: SKILLer_Forever
Item Name + ID + Amount: flamed dragonbone rapier (#5126)

-Upgraded Potentials -Education III -Umbreaking III -Mending -Supreme Sharpness V -Rune:Piercing Capabilities

iced dragonbone greatsword (#5143)

-Mortalitas VIII  -Supreme Sharpness V -Atomic Deconstructor II -Advanced  Mending -Education -Arc Slash III -Supreme Fire Aspect II -Penetration V
Coordinates: -2227  -4872  (raid world)
Description of Issue: i was on a  desert tower in the raid world and the mobs made me drop my sword which instantly disappeared before even got to the floor, not much after  the same thing happen with my other sword only 2 floors below

Screenshots: 2020-02-06_22_28_25.thumb.png.414a565b323e66abd81ee24b91fb1d6b.png2020-02-10_18_57_57.thumb.png.cfc4d52b0187a8badebc70b0378d48c9.png

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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