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Fire Dragon dissapeared a second time


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Ingame Name: equitem_nigrum
Inventory(?) Rollback: Red Dragon Egg and (50) Meal

Dragon dissapeared at ~18:35 11/02/2020

Description of issue: Alright now I'm just confused. As you can see by my post history I've had quite the problems with dragons... The first time I've had a dragon dissapear while I was riding on it, I thought that it was a wierd serverside bug. But now that it happened again I'm just lost. Am I flying the dragon incorrectly causing it to despawn, or is riding dragons in this server generally quite bugy? I apologize if I'm doing something wrong but this time, I just raised the dragon as usual, fed it Dragon Meals until it was at stage 3 and flew it directly horizontally, to have it despawn on me not 15 seconds later. This hasn't happened to me on any other rideable animals. Again I apologize sincerly for the inconvenience but I'm letting you know that I'm not doing this on purpose.


Thanks for reading 


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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