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Dragon Despawned...again...


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Ingame name: equitem_nigrum

Date and Time: 13/02/2020 ~23:00

Inventory Rollback: 50 Dragon Meals, Red Dragon Egg, Name Tag

Description of Issue: So after receiving my last Dragon Egg again. I did the usual steps and made sure to name it. I flew up in the air, I thought it'd actually worked for a moment but it pulled a Hoodini when I flew a couple of blocks horizontally. I honestly don't know what I expected. I'd just like to receive it so that I can use it to power my (future) Dragonforge. As I know this must be quite the inconvenience for you, and I know that you are not at fault, I can't help but feel a little dissapointed that I can't use it as a means of transport. Oh well I'm sure I'll find something else. I hope this will be my last complaint about damned Dragons on this forum. As always have a great day!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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