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[Refund Request] YorokobeShounen


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Your Name: YorokobeShounen

Item Name + ID + Amount: 

  • Blindfold (#4507), 1
  • 1 Female Stage 5 125 day old Gray Dragon (Nametag: Deathwing) (124 Dragon Meals + Dragon Egg (#4458/0))
  • 1 Male Stage 4 81 day old Green Dragon (Nametag: Rhaegal) 
  • 8 Fire Lily Mixtures (#4453) (well actually it was the bowls blaze rods and lilies unmixed from trading and misorganization)
  • 46~ Sea Serpent Scales (#4599)
  • 25~ Sea Serpent Scales (#4604)
  • 1 Sea Serpent Scale (#4624)
  • 1 Gorgon Head (#4505)
  • 3 Bronze Eggs (#4457/0)
  • 1 Black Shulker Box
  • Items lost from home
  • 40 (approx) Stage 3 Fire Dragon skulls (#4484/0)
  • 2 (approx) stage 4 Fire Dragon Skulls
  • 3 stage 5 Fire Dragon Skulls     
  • 2 Stage 5 Ice Dragon Skulls (#4484/1)
  • 4 stage 4 ice dragon skulls                                         

Coordinates: x6177,y75,z7070
Description of Issue: Shulker box did not drop when broken, presumably despawned due to packet loss as most things do. Don't remember all my valuables that were in there but the relevant ones were added.

While I'm at it, I also had an issue where multiple skulls despawned in my home. Multiple players can testify to the skull hallway I had. I dont quite remember how many I had so I'll roughly round down approximate numbers. (For server lag issues I won't be hanging them up again to be despawned) 

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