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Refund Request


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Your Name: terribletwins7
Item Name + ID + Amount: 

1.Flamed Dragonbone Halbert( with enchantments: supreme sharpness 5, upgrade potentials, true strike, life steal 4, penetration 5, penetrating edge 5,  subject P.E 5, critical strike 4, rune: piercing capabilities 3, fling 2, atomic deconstructor 2, advanced mending;  i might have added swifter slashes and ancient sword mastery) 

2.Dragon Scale Leggings (pro 4 and unbreaking 3)

3.Dragon Scale Chestplate(proc 4) 

Coordinates: -999, 582
Description of Issue: My halberd dropped from my hand and it immediately vanished and then i looked everywhere on the floor and could not find it. Very soon after I died because I had nothing to defend myself, and upon my immediate return all my things had again vanished, mere seconds later. There were other things too but those 3 were the important ones.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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