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[1.12.2] Restricted Items Whitelist Application


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Ok ok ok... I know you're probably thinking no banned items are banned for a reason ? suggestion bad but here me out for a sec.

Today I wanted to start a project where I had a computer monitor my kerosene lamps spread out around my base and deploy a drone to refill them when they're getting low (because creative tanks are banned ;-; and drones are cool) and then I found out OpenComputers drones are banned for griefing and then I was sad because I wouldn't be able to make my cool system because some bad apples wanted to use them to grief. I know i'm not a bad apple, (I hope) staff knows i'm not a bad apple so it made me think what if there was a way for me to get staff's approval to use banned items for appropiate use cases.

There is already a similar system in place for requesting commands such as world edit (which is arguably far more destructive) so I thought id give it a shot and see what you guys think. 

Thanks for reading!  ❤️


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