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Inventory Rollback Request


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Name: Dfshorn1

Coordinates: unknown - somewhere not far from Spawn, in flight.

Time/ Date  Shortly after midnight, Feb 27.

Description of issue: I had teleported to Spawn to see what might be for sale at the market chest. Afterwards I had decided to fly back to my base instead of /home and started on my travels.

I was not paying any attention to where or how I was going, just stopping and looking at a couple of bases in the immediate vicinity of Spawn. I decided to change out the Draconic Vest for

my Enderium level Jetpack as it will fly faster than the armor. Once changed out, I was flying for about 15 - 20 seconds when the screen went to the brown panel screen for logging in and out, thinking the system was doing a restart without any warning. Instead I received the following message. "The server you were previously on went down. You have connected to a fallback server".

I keep getting the message regardless of what I do. As I log on it appears that I get into the game for a brief second or two and then the brown screen and error message again.

I was asked if I had an AE2 Wireless Remote in my inventory at the same time I was using the jet pack and I did have one on my at the time. I was told to try an unstuck patch.

Ness27 [S.Mod]Yesterday at 4:52 PM

Try using this package. It is a free unstuck package that will send you to spawn. Takes roughly 10-15 mins to process
[4:52 PM]
I suspect it is the chunk you’re in. Could be corrupted chunk



I don't know how to tell if I even got it. But was later told to request an Inventory Rollback. So here I am.





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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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