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why is pvp allowed on this server? the nano beacon makes you literally unkillable outside a few /kill based abilities (which players dont have). what is the point in allowing advanced players to one shot new players while not exposing themselves to any risk at all? to give context (taken from the FTB wiki) "The Resistance Modifier is a block added by Environmental Tech. It can be placed in Personal or Ranged Nano Bot Beacons to provide players the Resistance potion effect, reducing damage taken. Notably, Resistance V (available by placing 5 Resistance Modifiers in a Nano Bot Beacon Tier 5 or 6) makes players completely immune to damage, outside of the void."


suggestion is simple. Ban the nano beacon or the resistance, regen, and invisibility modifiers. The latter since it is being used to grief by certain players without consequences since we can’t provide proof of who did it.

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I say remove pvp all together. The modpack complexity isn't for pvp its for pve. The fact pvp is allowed is rather dumbfounded. Yeah i get it you can do rollbacks or item refunds but thats not the point in fact its not the point of any of the mods in this pack. 


This is a grind mod pack. Not a oh steal everthing you can just so the items can be duped and given back. 

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