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Refund Request: JustAnElf


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Your Name: JustAnElf
Item Name + Amount: 

  • 1 Emerald Dragon Scale Helmet (Respiration 3, Blast Protection 1) Masterful
  • 1 Emerald Dragon Scale Chestplate (Strengthen Vitality 5, Advanced Protection 1) Masterful
  • 1 Red Dragon Scale Leggings (Agility 2, Advanced Protection 2) Masterful
  • 1 Red Dragon Scale Boots (Advanced Feather Falling 1, High Jump 2, Projectile Protection 1, Magma Walker 2) Masterful
  • 1 Flamed Dragon Bone Saber (Ash Destroyer 2, Vampirism 2, Atomic Deconstructor 1, Blessed Edge 3) Legendary
  • 1 Iced Dragon Bone Saber (Advanced Sharpness 2, Lifesteal 3, Blessed Edge 3, Advanced Looting 2, Critical Strike 3) Legendary
  • 1 Flamed Dragon Bone-Strengthened Bow (Power 3, Arrow Recovery 3, Punch 1) Legendary
  • 1 Dragon Eye of Night Vision Undying
  • 1 Potion Ring of Regeneration Undying
  • 1 Potion Ring of Regeneration Undying
  • 1 Gluttony Pendant Undying
  • 1 Half-Hearted Mixed Color Dragon Scale Undying
  • 1 Half-Hearted Vitamins Punishing
  • 1 Heavy Arrow Quiver (4 stacks of Torch-Arrows, 1 stack of regular arrows) Athletic
  • 1 Crafted Equipment (Space Tendril lvl3, Ventoraptor Skull lvl3, Remobra Wing lvl3, Remobra Wing lvl3)
  • 1 Crafted Equipment (Ent Arm lvl2, Vespid Stinger lvl2, Wraith Skull lvl3, Geonach Spear lvl3)

Had some other stuff in my inventory but it was mostly junk.

Coordinates: x293 y67 z4215
Description of Issue: Was 1-shot by a Fire Dragon and died, did /back and right as I was about to pick my stuff up it despawned right in front of my eyes.
Screenshots (Optional): 

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