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[Refund Request] Poly_Slight


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Your Name: Poly_Slight
Item Name + ID + Amount:

Dragon Scale Chestplate - Bronze (#4572) - Avd. Mending, Unbreaking III, Protection IV, Strengthened Vitality V, Burning Thorns II

Base Coordinates: +1301, +71, -2099
Description of Issue: (In Raid World, no cords) A "Blighted" Darkling somehow one shot me instantly (any other I've ever encountered has never even been able to do more than a bit of dmg and definitely never instantaneously), it bugged out my controls/commands, shaders, and UI (a bit of some kind of tear, IDK, effected character menu, effects, and hotbar). I was able to get the /back command to work once and loot, but then I used /home and was insta-killed by seemingly nothing and respawned at a waypoint stone I hadn't used in hours since using others and 2 beds besides! Every other item was present except the chest piece, IDK how everything else was present to be looted but not this 1 item (weird despawn??).

Sorry for the long winded. Thank you for any help!


Screenshots (Optional): Took shots after that last debacle!


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