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[Complaint] MuslimDad/MuslimMom


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In-Game Nickname: MuslimDad/MuslimMom - Both have been doing the same thing.



Time and date: 12 PM to 12AM EST



Description of what happened:

They acted all nice at first, constantly requesting me to give them this and that, I did so they would shutup and I got them pretty lategame. When I eventually told them to stop asking me for stuff they started annoying me by stupid things like going invis and running around my base, spamming chat, making anvil noises throughout my base, ect. It got to the point where they found a way to kill me on my claim, thankfully I have a last-stand type thing with the draconic armor. 



Screenshots or Proof: First video is the players killing me, second is a testing of the way they killed me, proving the sound I heard was the way they killed me. I thought it was my friend who hit me in the first vid at first before receiving proof it wasn't him. The picture is of the guy later in chat saying he doesn't care if he gets banned because hes giving his cave to a friend. (Sorry about the bad quality, its the uploading service not me)



2. [Redacted]

3. https://imgur.com/a/ino9jSY





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