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[Complaint] (RizzleMcfrizzle)


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In-Game Nickname: (RizzleMcfrizzle)
Your username (Optional): Scriding
Time and Date: April 24, 3:30-4:30 A.M. EST

Description of what happened: I was sitting in my base working on moving my ME autocrafter when I heard a rocket take off.  I ran outside to see if my friend took off from my launch pad and I didn't see anything.  I asked in chat: "Did someone just blast off?"  and no one said anything so I thought it was some sort of bug.  Minutes later I heard another rocket take off and this time saw that it was deep in my base flying straight up under my reactor (in the exact same spot that tamed/dogs/cats/horses have been spawned in multiple times before). [1],[2] 

After 2 or 3 rockets took off I could see a player name (RizzleMcfrizzle) inside the rockets flying around and crashing into stuff. [3]

It looked like it blew things up and took out a section of my reactor. [4],[5]

I asked him to stop as I began looking for the command to not allow outsiders in my claim while he continued to launch rockets and seemingly take chunks out of my walls and machines.  I finally found the command to not allow outsiders on my claim and typed it in.  Here he is admitting to doing it and claiming mystcraft portals? [6]

He was gone but then the pistons I use to shut off my laser drills started freaking out activating/deactivating multiple times a second.  I use 3 frequencies on wireless transmitters/receivers hidden under the ground to activate the pistons. [7]

I promptly located his base and checked it out to find he had setup a timer transmitting a signal to only the 3 frequencies I was using. [8]

I confronted him about them and asked him to take them down.  He responded that he'd change the timing but won't change frequencies.  [9], [10]

He got mad after getting confronted and started saying that my base was causing the server to lag and that he might ask an admin to remove some laggy bits. [11]

Then he accused me of duping and is referring to a pair of autonomous activators I have setup deep underground in my base hidden and sealed with a trap door because autonomous activators cannot break blocks that are on a claim. [12]

Reason for hiding it is I did not want someone walking up and taking my ore as it's placed just outside of my claim.[13]  I have them setup right on the edge of my claim with a piston and item collector in order to break the Certus quartz and gems with a fortune 3 pickaxe yielding more than any other method other than manually placing/mining them with a F3 pickaxe.  [14], [15] 

He then claimed that he knew about the autonomous activator setup because he could hear it.  It is near bedrock and there is no way he could hear anything. Clearly an X-ray revealed it to him as well as the wireless transmitter frequencies I was using. [16] 

Then he claimed to be making a report on the forums about me intentionally lagging the server because he couldn't figure out what my machine was doing. [17]  

Originally I thought it to be the guy that has been getting into others accounts on Rizzlemcfrizzle's account because of how he just randomly showed up at my base and was spawning rockets in the same exact spot that the tamed animals have been spawned in at the last couple weeks.  After the whole ordeal was over and Rizzle was offline I went back to his base to snoop around and he had activated the command to not allow outsiders in.  I wouldn't expect the "hacker" to do that so I believe it really was Rizzle.

I believe he is in violation of rule 1 (hacked client) for clearly X-raying to see my autonomous activator setup and transmitter/receiver frequencies.  I also think he is in violation of rule 12 (intentional lagging of the server) for purposely setting off multiple times a second over 100 pistons that I only set off a handful of times a day in order to shutdown/start my drill setup.  Other than that possibly rule 8 for griefing my claim even though it ended up being only a visual bug.  Also rule 15 for harassing me.

I'm happy to show staff around my base and further explain anything needed.  


Screenshots or Proof: https://imgur.com/a/fIKYMCg

List of eyewitnesses: Blindmaster

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