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[Refund Request] coolplayer3090

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Your Name: coolplayer3090
Item Name + Amount: 
1 Creative Jetpack
1 Draconic Staff of Power

Coordinates : -1544, 74, -4740
Coordinates of Death Tablet placed in a chest: 661, 68, -2357
Description of Issue: I died near MORDOR4000's claim after going to help him fight a wither which had somehow appeared at his base. There was a player named TryHerdb who also came to help him. But TryHerdb started lagging and killed me instead. There was no gravestone that spawned. All items were gone. There were 3 eyewitnesses 1. TryHerdb 2. MORDOR4000 3. ScorpionLT
So you can double check what I am saying. I don't have screen shot of inventory but I do have the obituary which is located at the specified coordinates. There were many items lost but the only two I really want back are my creative jetpack and my draconic staff of power. I don't need the other items.

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