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[Refund Request] coolplayer3090

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Your Name: coolplayer3090
Item Name + Amount: 
1 Creative Jetpack

Coordinates : -3080, 80, -4999
Coordinates of Death Tablet placed in a chest: -3047, 68, -5014
Description of Issue: Sorry this is the second time in 2 days, but when I broke my grave today after dying from a skeleton arrow(while I was flying with a jetpack), I only got about half my items, the rest despawned. There was a lot of stuff but the only one that mattered was a creative jetpack. There were no eyewitnesses this time unfortunately. I have image of items I got back from the grave but the site won't let me upload. You can find me on the craftersland discord as coolplayer3090 for more info if possible. Thanks in advance. I hope I don't have to post refund every two days from now.

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