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[Refund Request] coolplayer3090

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Your Name: coolplayer3090
Item Name + Amount: 
1 Reactor Controller
1 Reactor Redstone Flux Power Tap
2 Reactor Access Port
5 Reactor Control Rod

20 Reactor Fuel Rod
192 Reactor Casing
80 Buckets of Gelid Cryotheum

5 Crystal Growth Accelerators
4 Energy Acceptors
1 Precision Dropper
1 Vacuum Chest
32 Signalum Fluxducts

1 Builder Quarry
1 Shape Card(Quarry)

Coordinates : Mining Dimension
Description of Issue: Sorry, I know this is a out of the ordinary issue and list of items but I lost all this stuff during the mining dimension reset. There was more stuff but I cannot recall what so if you can please refund these items. Thanks for your time.

Edited by coolplayer3090
I remembered more items lost
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