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[Claim Removal] vanstealer AND mrcloud__

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Your Name: coolplayer3090
Claim Leaders Name: vanstealer AND mrcloud__faxions
Coordinates of claim: xyz -2555 203 412
Claim members: vanstealer AND mrcloud__faxions ( At least in my knowledge)
Reason for request: I hired someone (owfbas) to build a base for me after choosing a suitable location. But the problem is this was in an alps biome so I didn't really go to the top of the mountain to look around. I just looked at the edge of the mountain. Theres a medium-sized claim on the top right in the middle of the build. The base maker was a moderator so he didn't realize he was hollowing the mountain under a claim area (about 100 blocks down from build). The claim owners have not been online for a month and they both went inactive at the same time. I feel that they are not coming back considering how incomplete the build is (around 15% complete).

Screenshot of town members activity (optional, but recommended): 


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