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Lost items from compacter

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IGN: Veeennnyyy


Infermium seeds + Mysticalagriculture:tier6_infermium_seeds + 110

Infermium seeds + Mysticalagriculture:tier5_infermium_seeds +330

Sprinkler + Cyclicmagic:sprinkler + 213

Harvester + Cyclicmagic:harvester_block + 4

Energy Cable + Cyclicmagic:energy_pipe + 11

Energy Extraction Cable + Cyclicmagic:energy_pump + 1

Teleporter Frame + mekanism:basicblock + 9

Teleporter + mekanism:machineblock + 1

Impulse Itemduct + thermaldynamics:duct_32 + 12

Resonant Retriever + thermaldynamics:retrivever + 1

Growth Crystal Tier 3 + tp:growth_upgrade_two + 3

Dirt + minecraft_dirt + 440


Cords:  XYZ   9997/65/-4376


Description: I made a Infermium farm in a Maximum compact machine. It was working fine up till 3-5 resets after i made it it stopped out putting items. When i tried to go into it it didn't let me and just sent me back to the overworld.




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