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Refund Request Tjmack99


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Your Name: Tjmack99
Item Name + ID + Amount: Angel ring - Iron Armor with Protection 4, Unbreaking 3 - Diamond sword with sharpness 5, Looting 10, capturing 5 - Plus more but whatever
Base coordinates: X-2332  Z-1315
Description of Issue: Tp'ed to a friend who had found another person's base. Upon teleporting I was killed by a zombie and lost my grave in Edgentex's territory. Talked to him this morning about getting my grave back from him and he just force teleported to me and said "where is it" and then continued to mine the ores around me. (Think it's pretty stupid that staff can force teleport to a player for "staff reasons" and then continue to act as a regular player and mine resources from where I was and they force teleported to, but thats for a different post.) Was told by Edgentex to take it to the forums and he would "wait for a bit to read forum." Very professional.
Screenshots (Optional): 


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