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[Refund Request] furkanbal(You can close topic)

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Your Name: furkanbal
Item Name + ID + Amount: Epic Bag  printed soul bound 3 in as far as I remember  crystal binder(#5735) obsidian pickaxe(excavation 3 fortune 5 unbreaking 3 efficiency 5) Obisidian pickaxe(Silk touch efficiency 5 unbreaking 3), 24 resoant fluxduct(#6657/4),  2 dislocator(#5731), energy cell(#5754/0,#5416/35 Resonant), Digital miner(#10058/4)

Coordinates:  -4412 64 499
Description of Issue: according to server time approximately 07:00am While I was jumping and jumping on the moon, I realized that I didn't have a bag. I had some valuable items and some personal tools in my bag.
Screenshots (Optional): 

I went for a stroll again and found my bag on the floor. You can close topic

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