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Clear lag, smeltery, chunk loaders, twilight


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I know it has been suggested before but I seriously think you should reconsider the following:

- A clear lag counter is a Must in a server like IE expert as it is already difficult enough to craft most of the items, having clear lag 'eating' the stuff you spent a day gathering is not fun at all and I understand the frustration it causes to many people.

- The fact that the smeltery needs to be in its own chunk because of inventories disappearing and also that IC2 and ae2 dont work if they are in the same chunk as the chunkloaders is quite important for a player that is planning the design of his/her base and although it is mentioned in the forums most ppl don't know about it. Maybe we could put a link to the subject as a reminder in game like voting for example? I think it would help both staff and players xD

- Twilight forest.. pretty , very pretty but.. 

Since the quest books are broken anyway, what is tw really needed for? Every time someone goes there , the whole server kneels...or crawl...

Maybe ban the dimension? 

Thank you for your time xD

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Let's be honest with ourselfs she is right about this kind of stuff and it should be respected even more because untill few last mmts she was really good helper... (Now even judge and still doing things what helpers should do)... Who else should know more about the biggest problems of server...

Clearlag is one big bs coz I lost quite a lot items just coz some items (d hearts especially) do that on daily basis...

Chunk loader problem is just sad reminder of why is designing important...

And twilight... It is fancy, cute and everything but sadly also super useless, maybe just only add in shop uncrafting table for like 5k and everything important would be done... Most of the new players like it and they just have to go there even tho most of the people tell them to not to do so...

I am also having one suggestion but I would rather talk about it in private coz it can break your economy about keys and crates coz I have found bug how to dupe them any of them and do not wanna write it here coz other servers could use it so if someone can talk about it with me on dc it would be nice (Danton_Moletar#7215)

Have a nice day

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