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Command Request


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Account Name: KaimeZD
Rank: Sponsor
Requested Commands^:  

/time set day/night   ----- minecraft.command.time


/enchant                    ----- minecraft.command.enchant

/summon                   ----- minecraft.command.summon

worldedit                   ----- worldedit.*


Reason for Request*: 

time set day/night ------ sometimes i just need it to be day but i cant go to bed

/tp  ------ i really often answer questions or help other players with machines or computercraft and that would just work faster with tp instead of tpa 

/enchant ------- i already have gm so i could just go gm 1 and use some exp bottles but this would make the process easier

/summon ------- same as enchant. i could just use the spawneggs or smth else to spawn them so it would make things a little easier too

worldedit ------- i would use it to make some stuff on my claim (would just use it on my claim basically)

restart ------ this is a very special one and i know that things normally dont work like this but its a special thread... on ultimateReloaded most of them time nobody from the Crafterlands-team is online so i wonder if i could get a command to restart the server. half of the time the server is at 11-14 TPS and thats kinda annoying. i would ask the players before i restart the server. 
i would understand it if this is not possible tho

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Time set - Added - Don't use this command too often, some players may want the current day/night.

Enchant - Added

Worldedit - Added - World Edit actions are logged, any abuse of this will result in it being permanently removed. This can only be used in your claim.

TP - Denied - This a staff command only.

Summon - Denied - No one has this command, not even staff.

Restart - Denied - Do I even need to explain the reason for this?


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