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Unreasonable Warn: [Complaint] _Sam1_


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In-Game Nickname: (One complaining about)

     There is no "nickname" that I am complaining about.


Time and date:

I don't know since I received the warn when I wasn't online...I logged in at 2:30 PM 6/3/2020

Description of what happened: (In chronological order)

     So, I have had a few questionable names for items since I began playing just as a gag when me or my friends decided to PvP just for fun.  I understand that the server may wish for these items to not be named in this way, and that is completely okay, but since on the website, there is nothing that states any facts about not naming items with inappropriate names, I figured it would be allowed as most of the players on the server are of a mature audience.  That being said... I was cited for "Rule 7 - 1st Offense : inappropriate names for items".


[7] No Excessive Use of Profanity/Swearing/CAPs:


Includes speaking foreign languages, spamming the same content in the global/trade channel, inappropriate structures, unreadable nicknames and drug talk.


What I am complaining about, is that fact that nowhere in this rule does it specifically state that "inappropriate names for items" and if the server wants to impose a rule of this nature, it should be explicitly stated on the website or on the /rules that it is not permitted to create items with inappropriate names.


Therefore, without explicitly stating the fact that items may not be named in such ways, I believe that this is not a valid warning as there is nothing stating against it anywhere on the server website or on the server itself.  


I rest my case.


Additionally, I was not referred to as which item it was that was violating the rule for me to correct the error or which staff member assigned me the warning so I could ask them questions about the warning.

Screenshots or Proof: (Use www.imgur.com)


List of eyewitnesses: (They should also make a post below)


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The item in question was the stone sword hung on the wall. The sword's name was An** Ra** (Censored for use on the forum)

If you had used the sword to kill your friend, it would mention the sword's name in chat, which would violate rule 7, however, since you didn't use it, simply asking you to change the name would suffice.

I advise you to refrain from naming your items with inappropriate names, we are a child friendly community.

I have removed the warning, however, if you are caught with any inappropriately named items in the future, you will be punished with Rule 20.

Have a good day.

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