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Proper item despawn messages?


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So here i am again.

Because i see so many people on Server and me, complain about the ground item clear without any message,

i now just start a Poll to see how many people would wish this "Feature".

This would cost the staff less time to refund stuff all the Time, because maybe nothing has to be refund at all,

gives the players time needed to get the stuff they want from the ground,

would reduce Caps spam and rage in chat

and last of all: Would make all of us happy.

I know, this is a small suggestion, yet it has a big role on servers i think.

Here is a smoll Poll for u Guys so the staff can see we really want it.


P.s. Here are the results after one hour. Needed to make a new poll cuz it was german ._. Sorry for that


Good day, by Mad

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