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[Claim Removal] Tiago


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Name: Tiago
Claim Leaders Name: Tiago
Coordinates of claim: From 1719 / 74 / -4382 to 1827 / 74 / -4440.
Claim members: Tiago
Reason for request: My claims are bugged. I did relogin, but did not fix. When I AbandonAllClaims it does remove them for everyone, but they stay there bugged, and when I try to claim again, it says I can't because I already own a claim there. So I'm stuck because I can't remove them - It says I don't have any claims to remove. And when I try to claim it says I already own the claim. Checking with a stick tells me the block doesn't belong to anyone.
Screenshot of town members activity (optional, but recommended): 


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