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uncraftable items


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Seconded. Tried making these thrusters today and the recipe is uncraftable. In 1.6.0 the quest book had a bugged items tab. With the recent 1.6.1 patch they fixed the bugged fluix crystal production and removed the entire tab prematurely. 

edit: the Reinforced thruster recipe is also bugged, it requires a magmatic dynamo, but the recipe is not present in continuum apparently. I've discovered this because of the FTB forum saying this is also an issue with this update. Some people have summoned villagers at spawn to trade for them, some singleplayer users are just rolling back to 1.6.0



The recipes should be easily fixable server side by changing 2 recipes to accept different item ids for the recipe. This isn't horribly difficult and several different recipes or a trade in recipe would solve this entirely.


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