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Rule 2 Complaint _Sam1_


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In-Game Nickname: cluelessone52

Time and Date: 6/27/2020 around 17:00 EST

Description of what happened: 

1. One guy was mad that I bruised his ego so he said to get back at me he had to kill me.  I said that he wouldn't be able to because of the buffs that I have on all my stuff along with the potions that I drank, so I teleported to him to see him try.

2.  I get there and he hands me an empty forcium cell and he tells me to shift right click.  My thought process was that the forcium would kill me and not some bug that I didn't know about.  I would have been fine if he killed me fair and square but he basically ruined my night because not I can't even play until I have my inventory wiped by staff.

3.  When I shift right clicked on the forcium cell and it started to eat the forcium, the server kicked me stating that there was an "Internal Server Error" and I knew what had happened.

4.  Therefore, I clearly believe that this is in violation of Rule 2 which is "No Bug Abuse/Exploiting Bugs" and Rule 19 which is No explaining/exposing of dupe/bug/glitch methods as well as Rule 20 which is "Use common sense!".

Screenshots of Proof:  I was kicked before having time of taking a picture of chat of him telling me what he was doing, but here is him admitting it after the fact...

1: After the fact chat with an alternate account:  Note that I am SrGimli https://imgur.com/a/xsvyKIg

List of eyewitnesses:  I don't remember who was exactly on at the time of the incident.

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