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[Refund Request] Twikks


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Our Names: Twikks and Flashgames03

Item Name + Amount:

● 1 Tesseract(Anthony_Plaz)<-- Our Friend

● 3 Ender-Marker

● 1 Ender Quarry

● 1 Warp Itemduct (Opaque)

Coordinates: x:4520 y:70 z:-3638

Description of Issue: We build an Ender Quarry 5Min before an Server restart for 1min, but after the 

restart the Quarry are Disappeared!

Screenshots: We didn´t take screenshots because normally you dont make screens about an Quarry!

We also placed an newer Quarry on the other side, but the Quarry that was disappeared is on the side with the granite block!



I hope we will get it back, but now have a nice day!


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