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[Refund Request] Anthony_Plaz


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Our Names: 


Item Name + Amount: 

Main items : 

A ton a of dimlets that were sorted into muptle chest next to my turbine. (idk how this can replace/idk unknown dimlets i guess)

There were three dimlets that i mainly want replaced motlen bedrockium dimlet, Motlen Steel dimlet, blocks of gold dimlet

Other ideas lost :

Three bags of holding with there old thing lost i cap rememeber all of the things but some key things

32 overclocker upgrades, recyclers, two tessarcts, energy plyon, glass, three wyvern flux caps, my blood wand, a gold capped wand, omi flux wrench, dimseinal builder, 32 resonant flux ducts and three cryo flux ducts, 32 lasers (bc) resonat charge pad, three bedrockium durms, ender quarry, ender quarry speed three upgrade, ender quarry pump upgrade, three ender markers three angel blocks, four deep storage units, 6 wyven cores.

Coordinates: x; 2540 z;-122 y;166 (10)

Description of Issue: 

Yeah since this is a pretty big refund request i might as well tell you everything that happened. Me and Flash finished working on making a dim builder from there we had a ton of unknown dimlets from our enderman farm which is near the coordinates above. We reseached all of them and got a bit lucky and with a good 5 of them which were the three i want replaced (bedrockium, steel, gold) and two that we still have aka pokeiumn and fairy. Well we started the bedrockium dimlet up with huge orbs, we were planning to pump it up and make it into ingots to make more drums for the steel and gold, and to use the poke and fairy to make primal mana. So i was gotta be the test subject to see if the dim was ok to be traveled too. So i took off all my armor all my heart canister put it into a chest next to the builder and yeah i went it the dim fine. Another witness was kaylaxx17/effgod he was there in the dim because we wanted to show him. So i went back to my base to get my stuff back and i load back in and the chunk is well missing not like permantly deleted more like when lag is hard and you float for a bit so I waited for a bit. Then timed out i came back to the chunk being empty without most of my stuff there would somethings that were there that i put into a ender chest like my armor and bow and staff and charm but didnt put all of it because i didnt have enough space. I start to freak out and relog things it a visual bug and then i tell kay/effgod that "omg what happened its all gone" and he tpaed and saw. Thats bassicly the whole issue. Im currelty using kay/effgod dim builder so if you can you return the dim builder to him. thank you and i hope i get my stuff back


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