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6br Refund Request


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Your Name: 6br (Ftb Infinity Evolved)
Item Name + Amount: 

1 Awakened Icorium Pickaxe

1 Reinforced Jetpack

1 Amethyst Pick (Amethyst pickaxe head, thaumium rod, magical wood binding, full modifiers, harded capacitor, 450 luck, and max redstone)

1 Flux-Infused Helmet

1 Flux-Infused Leggings

1 Flux-Infused  Boots

1 Redstone Flux Capacitor

1 Golden Bag of Holding
Coordinates: x3931 z-3137 (in void)
Description of Issue: Fell into void, jetpack wouldn't turn on and died. grave didn't spawn.
Screenshots (Optional):

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