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[Refund Request] Anthony_Plaz


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Your Name: 

Item Name + Amount: 

Draconium Queen : 4 of them

Ghastly Queen : 63 of them

Infinity Queen : 1 of them

Industarial Apairy : 4 of them

Draconic Chest : 1 of them

Town Rollback X: 2553 z:-137 y:92 (5)

Oringal Base X :4591 Z:-3653 y: 126 (7) 
Description of Issue:

Well recently I had a town rollback and well didnt get the rollback time I wanted but at least i got most of my stuff back. But i know some of the stuff i was missing because that was the main things i was using which was bees for dracium so i could upgrade my orb and my armor. The way I know i can prove that i had these items would be Tzad. Because he was the one that gifted me these. He gifted me the draconium queens and the ghastly bees. The draconium was because well i kinda nuked the end with a quarry for draconium and he didnt want me to do it again so he gave me some bees. The ghastly bees were because he missed up a cycle i think. And the infinity queen was by me that i made to make industarial apairys and the chest was to store and process the dracium dust. These things happened in two different bases my oringal base was where i had everything but the ghastly bees set up but i gave the platform so some new people. And the towner that i have right now aka the rollback one was the one i lost the ghaslty bees too.
Screenshots (Optional): 

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