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TP-ed to someone who required help, got killed most stuff stolen


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The player Gidohra_2020 asked if someone could help them with thaumcraft. I Tped and quickly resolved the issue, but was quickly and repeatedly killed by the player PalleFan187.

I managed to keep a lot of stuff because of Soulbound Satchels, and the player Gidohra_2020 returned whatever they picked up, but PalleFan187 refuses to return anything with the reason "You were on my Land" (in German). Even after explaining the situation, he would't return anything. What I am currently missing is my quantum suit legging and boots, as well as my Vajra and some junk items.

I do not have screenshots of the event itself, but at least a few of the aftermath. The player CocoManiac was on the server at the time, if you need another witness.

IMGUR link to 2 screenshots:


IGN: Le_Gurk

PS: this happened a few minutes before submiting this Post

UPDATE: around 5 hours later, the player Pallefan187 wanted to meet me and then gave me a full set of Quantum Suit Armor (Gravichestplate, ultimate solar helmet).

I did already replace all of my lost items at this point. It should also be noted, that they never apologized or returned the Vajra. 

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